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August 30th, 2018

Blair Austin

About a week ago, I was invited to go showcase some of my work along with other artists at the House of Blues with an artist organization company. I was really stoked to get invited. 

After some prepping and digging into the details of the event, I had decided that it wasn't for me. 

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To be a part of the venue I had to sell tickets, which is understandable, because there was no other cost of doing the venue. The company organizing the event has a very good system down as well.  The last event at the Misfit Gallery was awesome and went so well. So why not do another?

I have tons of content to print, show, and tell about. I would like to wait some more time to create something bigger and better.

The next show that I will do will be free entry, like before. I grew up with struggling parents and little to no spending money in my free time, until very recently. There were so many opportunities and gigs that I missed out on because I didn't have the $20 to drop at the time. If people want to come out to see my work, I want them to be able to do it without any cost.

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Today, after the heavy current really tore up my legs for a third day in a row, I realized I need to knuckle down and train for the seasons coming. Eating better, exercising, staying motivated, and staying inspired are the only way to get through Fall and Winter properly. 

I am extremely looking forward to the chaos and mayhem and maybe getting a few shots now and then to put on a wall for everyone to see. 

So stay stoked. 

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