Summer here is all about smaller waves, different angles, warm water, and unpredictable sunsets. 

August 5th, 2019

Blair Austin

You can drive yourself crazy waiting for waves in the slower months. Especially when many of the swells come with nasty winds. Since the few good weeks we had in winter, there hasn't been much magic seen in the water. 

I never figured out who the surfer is in this shot. This was back in March with a couple other photographers in the water, which is rare at this place. Since this day it has been fairly slow and not too pretty. 

Just as the spring winds decide to lay off and small storms begin to form south of the equator, the thick gray overseer of May Gray comes along. 

While the overcast skies become a bummer, not all the magic is lost. The local wildlife still shines. 

Here's a dolphin jumping behind the wave outside of Gus. These amazing animals are so fast.

The heavy clouds rarely get a break.  When they do in these depressing months, it can be one of the most refreshing things. This was a spectacular evening. The clouds moved back over the land after this sunset and covered the skies for the rest of that week. 

Not all hope is lost when talking about waves, if you know where to look though. Here's a shot of Nick with my wide-angle lens. 

We are also super lucky to get the bio-luminescent phenomena in our local waters. The amazing life in the water that makes the bright blue glow in the dark of night. It doesn't look so pretty during the day-time, though. Caroline surfing in the murky green/brown bio-luminescent water.

Not every day of surf is perfect. Not every day will be sunny. Not every day will have perfect hollow tubes. Unless you're Don. He always finds a way. 

When the skies do open up, and there is still some wave power left from the slow Pacific ocean, it's time to capture the magic. Over the years I've realized the importance of cleaner waves, and brighter skies. The morning colors are just not the same without a little sun peaking through the heavy clouds. This year I have upgraded my camera gear to capture more frames in a wave,  and more accuracy on the crisp focus of the shot. A couple of new lenses have also helped with quality. 

It can be difficult to be patient in these slow months, but waiting for the right day, at the right place, with the right preparation can be very rewarding. Looking forward to the next time a place like this can light up. Last year I never took the opportunity to really score when I had the perfect window to. You learn from your mistakes. 

Slower months means getting busier with business. Outside of the water, the dream has been to show my work physically. Philz Coffee in La Jolla has given me the recent opportunity to display some of my favorite pieces in metal prints on their walls. It looks truly amazing in person and worth a trip over to check it out. 

I'm pursuing more places like businesses, homes, and bigger projects to show my photography to the world.

Thank you to everyone who has already been able to hang a piece or two. 

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